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What is your date of birth?

how much time will you spend with the people who are important to you?
find out
more information

to start off, tell us who you are. what’s your name?

Are you male or female,
Alejandro ?

now, think of someone who is important to you.

now, think of someone who is important to you. what is his/her name?

Elena is male or female?

each time you see Elena,

how many hours do you spend together?

According to statistics

In the next 40 years we will spend:



en redes



la televisión



en internet

And according to what you have told us,

in what remains of your life

you will spend

with your prima Elena

Your time is yours.

You decide what to spend with.

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Alejandro & Elena

Alejandro, if you carry on seeing Elena with the same frequency as you have done so far, this is the time you have left to spend together.

Congrats Alejandro & Elena, you will spend a lot of time together throughout your lives.

Nevertheless,if you want to see more of each other, that would be great too.

*Estimated time, calculated from the data you have given us about your current behaviour, crossed with official statistics taken from the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), to make the prediction more precise.

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can a number change your life?

why calculate this figure?

even though we all know that our relationships are the most important things in life, we spend less and less time with the people we really love.

there are several different reasons for this. On the one hand, our modern lifestyle makes it hard to be aware of how we distribute our time. And on the other hand, human beings are simply not programmed to think about how long they have left to live, and that's why they spend life leaving everything for later, thinking that there will always be a moment to do all these things.

which is why we believe that if each one of us was aware of how much time we were going to spend on each activity for the rest of our lives, this would help us reconsider how we want to organize our day-to-day and our priorities, and be able to spend the amount of time we would like to spend with the people who we really care about.

how do we calculate this?

first of all, we want to make it clear that this calculation is just a simple prediction based on our current behaviour and on the time we spend every year with other people. This is calculated by multiplying the number of hours we spend together each time we meet, by the number of times we see each other over a year, and finally, by the number of years we believe we have left to live, according to official statistics. However, for this prediction to be as accurate as possible, we will cross-reference the information provided by each user, with the data form the National Institute of Statistics. By doing this, the end result will bear in mind the variations in people’s life expectancy according to their gender, to where they live, and to their date of birth, as well as all the likely behavioural changes they may experience as the years go by, depending on the kind of relationship they have with the other person (family, friend, partner, etc.). Since this is only a prediction, this will always be an approximate figure, and in no way, will it reflect the absolute truth, but rather a future projection.

what is each data for?

all the information you provide is crossed-referenced with other data from the National Institute of Statistics, in order to adjust the result to each person, regardless of how often they currently meet. The prediction could be more accurate if we asked for more data, but we have chosen to keep these calculations as easy as possible on purpose. First of all, so that filling in this questionnaire wasn’t a tedious task, and second, because the variation produced by including other data wouldn’t have been very significant, or because there was no statistical data to support these calculations and award them value. In any case, this calculation does not intend to be as exact as possible, but rather to make us think about how we are currently using up our time, and of the consequences. Gender The data from the National Institute of Statistics regarding people’s life expectancy differs according to our gender, which is why this data influences the final result. However, gender is not a decisive factor when it comes to making this prediction or at least, we haven’t found statistics or research to prove this is the case. In this tool, we use a database that automatically recognises the person’s gender from their name. So, if your name is not included in this database or if it’s a name than can be used for both men and women, the tool will specifically ask for your gender. age A person’s age is used to calculate their life expectancy according to the National Institute of Statistics, and therefore estimates how much time they have left to live to be able to see another person or to carry out any other activity. province According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, a person’s life expectancy varies depending on where they live. relationship According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, people say that throughout their lives, the frequency with which they meet up with a friend or a member of their family varies as they grow older. Generally, we tend to see more of our family and less of our friends.



1.1. Through this document, Pernod Ricard España, S.A., a Spanish company with tax identification (CIF) no. A-08252926 and registered offices at Avda. José Ortega y Gasset nº 201 5ª Planta 29006 (Malaga), registered in the Register of Companies of Malaga in Volume 2091, Book 1004, page MA-31003 (hereinafter, "PR España") herein provides its privacy and Personal Data protection policy (the "Privacy Policy") applicable in all cases in which the Personal Data that you provide on websites, mobile applications and, in general, PR España environments (the "Website" and together the "Sites" or the "Websites") is collected, used, stored or processed. 1.2. PR España Websites are not aimed at people who have not reached legal age ("Minors"). Therefore, PR España does not knowingly collect Personal Data from Minors. The user must be at least 18 years old to create an account and take part in activities and transactions on PR España Websites. When creating an account or taking part in PR España Website activities or transactions, you must declare to be of legal age and have full capacity to accept and comply with the conditions of use and this Privacy Policy and to be legally bound by them. If PR España is notified or becomes aware that a Minor has provided Personal Data through a Website, such Personal Data will be deleted. 1.3 Access to and use of the Websites implies full acceptance by the User of the conditions in force at the time the User accesses the Website in question. PR España reserves the right, without prior notice and at any time, to make any modifications to the Privacy Policy that it deems appropriate. Consequently, the User is advised to consult the Privacy Policy on each visit to the Websites. However, it must be taken into account that the processing of Personal Data that you may have communicated or published on PR España Websites is governed and regulated by the policies and processing conditions in force and published at the time the Personal Data is provided without prejudice to the additional application of the specific legal texts that, if applicable and to the effect that they may exist, such as, for example, informative texts inserted in coupons and data collection forms, conditions of particular services or terms and conditions of contests and promotions. 1.4. In this regard, please bear in mind that, in addition to this Privacy Policy, there may be specific texts (for example, on registration forms, contest rules or promotions) that, in case of conflict, will prevail over the Privacy Policy, which is complementary to the specific texts where there is no contradiction

2. What Personal Data does PR España collect and what is the legal basis that it uses?

2.1. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Personal Data is considered any information that can be used to personally identify you, directly or indirectly. This may include your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, demographic information such as your date of birth, age, gender, or your habits or preferences, when such information is linked to your personal identification information (the "Personal Data"). 2.2. Personal Data is collected only for the purposes referred to in section 4 and with the legal basis that constitutes your informed consent (that is, when you consciously provide that consent through one of the available online channels on PR España Websites) through the various contact points, when you participate in any of the services or functionalities of PR España Websites, which may evolve over time and which, by way of example, may include: o Enrolment, registration or subscription on PR España Websites (for example, registration on a mobile application, on a website, subscription to a newsletter); o In the framework of competitions and contests; o When using e-commerce services that may exist on any PR España Website; o When using connected products; o For the organisation of events or during the events (for example, when filling out invitation forms or online forms on mobile devices such as tablets or similar); o In training sessions; o By providing feedback, or by responding to surveys, research or giving comments; or o Within the framework of any other request that implies providing Personal Data. 2.3. The type and amount of information collected in the different areas mentioned varies depending on the activity in question. Personal Data may include identifying information or certain information relating to your personal life and your interests, all depending on the activities in which you take part. 2.4. Subject to the applicable regulations, PR España may use various technologies that enable it to collect and provide information on how to access and use PR España Websites, as well as demographic data of PR España Website users that PR España may obtain from third parties, such as, for example, Google or the social networks that the user uses ("Information Relating to Use"). The Information Relating to Use may consist of the pages visited, the time spent on the visits, the information about the drinks that have been accessed or that has been provided, the language, demographic data about the user (such as age, gender and areas of interest, when available) or the pages displayed before accessing the page that is currently visited.

3. How and why does PR España use tracking technologies?

PR España uses tracking technologies, such as cookies, IP addresses and log files in order to collect certain data, such as, for example, the type of browser and operating system, the reference page, the route through the Website, the internet service provider's domain, etc. in order to improve the use and functionality of PR España Websites and to better understand how visitors use the Websites and the tools and services provided therein. Tracking technologies help PR España to adapt its Websites to users' personal needs. o Cookies are used to improve the use and functionality of PR España Websites and to better understand how visitors use them and the tools and services provided therein. After obtaining consent, when so required by applicable regulations, PR España Websites use cookies and similar technologies ("Cookies"). Cookies are small files that are placed on a device and that serve several purposes, such as facilitating efficient navigation between pages, remembering your preferences and, in general, improving your experience. The use of Cookies on PR España Websites enables you to enjoy a more fluid visit and also enables more accurate measurement of your activity on PR España Websites. Further information about the Cookies that PR España uses and how to disable them is available in the Cookie Policy. o The IP address is the number used by computers on the network to identify your computer each time you connect to the internet. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses can be traced (among other things): (i) to resolve technical incidents; (ii) to preserve the security of the Website; (iii) to restrict access to certain users from PR España Websites; or (iv) to better understand how PR España Websites are used; o PR España (or third parties on its behalf) may collect information in the form of log files that track the activity on PR España Websites and collect statistical information on users' browsing habits. Such entries are generated anonymously and help PR España to collect (among other things): (i) the type of browser and the user's operating system; (ii) information relating to the user's session (such as the URL of origin, the date and time of the visit, the pages visited on PR España Websites and the duration of the visit); and (iii) other similar navigation and click sequence data. The information collected in the log file is also used for PR España marketing and internal demographic study, which enables it to continuously improve and adapt the online services offered. The log files are used only internally and are not linked to any particular user.

4. What is my Personal Data used for?

4.1. All the Personal Data collected is used for the purposes for which you provided this Data and/or for the purposes indicated at the time of collection or in this Privacy Policy. 4.2. The purposes are basically: (i) To respond to your request for a service or for the execution of a contract: a. When you register or subscribe on PR España Websites so that PR España can provide you with the service to which you have subscribed: the Personal Data that you provide is used to offer you the benefits and privileges normally associated with your registration, such as receiving communications determined at the time of registration (e.g. subscription to a newsletter, creating an account, participating in a promotion or contest, invitation to attend a PR España event); b. When you participate in an e-commerce scheme on any PR España Website: the Personal Data that you have provided is used to manage your order and deliver the products you requested. PR España may also implement technological solutions to detect fraudulent payments and to ensure the payment of your purchases on PR España Websites. The implementation of these solutions may entail the creation of profiles based on automated decisions, which are subject to additional safeguards pursuant to section 13 of this Privacy Policy; c. When you provide feedback, answer questionnaires or make comments in sections such as "Contact us" or "Tell us" or similar: the Personal Data that you provide is used to answer your request or comment; d. PR España can also use your e-mail address to send you administrative or management communications (e.g. confirmation emails when you sign up or unsubscribe or an activity) as well as to send you communications about the services (e.g. updates to PR España policies, cancellation of services or programmes on PR España Websites, changes to PR España services or technical support policies or other related changes). (ii) To send you commercial communications about PR España or its products whenever you have authorised this and informing you, when appropriate depending on the applicable regulations, of the procedures enabled so that you can oppose the processing of your data for commercial purposes or to revoke the consent you had given: a. When you use the "Send to a friend" function or similar: The Personal Data requested for a single use (normally, name and e-mail address) is used for that time only (e.g. to send a communication) and PR España does not keep it. b. When you use a QR code or equivalent functionality available in PR España products: PR España uses your Personal Data to send you further information about products related to the QR code or equivalent or other products. c. When you accept PR España cookies: Under the terms described in the PR España Cookie Policy. d. In addition to the purposes for which you provided your Personal Data, you may be given the option (with a check box or otherwise) for you to give permission to use your Personal Data for an activity or service different from the original activity or service requested. For example, if you are registering in a competition or promotion, you may be invited to sign up for a newsletter or alerts from the site hosting the promotion or from other websites. If you decide to receive these additional services, PR España will use your Personal Data to facilitate these services. e. Subject to your consent, when necessary, PR España may occasionally combine, update or otherwise improve the Personal Data collected through PR España Websites with data that PR España receives from external or third party records. For example, PR España may combine purely demographic or statistical information (for example, age, gender, household information and other interests, etc.) unrelated to any Personal Data about you with Personal Data collected through PR España offers (such as during a registration process). PR España may use the aforementioned combined information and/or demographic information for PR España internal marketing or demographic studies and to constantly improve, customise and adapt PR España products and services to your needs. Some of the tools PR España uses may involve automated decision making. In this case, you will be informed about the profiling conditions and you will be entitled to additional guarantees for the adequate protection of your rights, as explained in section 13 of these conditions. (iii) Because it is PR España's legitimate interest to offer you a better service: a. PR España will make sure that your Personal Data is kept accurate and updated and will avoid duplicating it in its files, verifying in each interaction you make with the company whether the Personal Data is still accurate and up-to-date or whether it has to be updated or completed based on additional information you provide. (iv) PR España can create profiles based on monitoring your browsing activity on its Websites to better understand your preferences and focus your interests and adapt PR España commercial communications to your profile, unless you reject this possibility under the terms set forth in section 13 of these conditions.

5. What happens if you do not want to provide your Personal Data?

5.1. If you decide not to provide your Personal Data when PR España requests it, you will not be able to participate in certain activities or personalised features of PR España Websites, which may limit the services and special offers that PR España may offer. For example, if you refuse to provide your email address, you will not be able to receive PR España news bulletins.

6. What should you consider in the use of social networks?

6.1. You can follow us and become a fan on social networks where PR España has profiles or accounts. 6.2. Please bear in mind that PR España is responsible for the administration of the sites and the official pages on social networks provided they are the original official websites and pages created by PR España and the operation of the social network itself enables such administration. If you become a follower of PR España's official sites and pages, the use and processing of your Personal Data through them will be regulated by the specific conditions provided and published on each official Website or Page. The fact of becoming a "follower" or similar implies that you consent to the processing of your data as established in the policies and conditions that regulates its use in each case. Your Personal Data is processed for the purpose of managing the official Website or page, knowing your opinions and/or comments, as well as obtaining information and participating in the different contests, promotions and/or events that take place through the sites and the official pages on its social networks. 6.3. PR España does not take responsibility for the sites and unofficial pages that other third parties may create on social networks. 6.4. Both PR España and the owner of the social network may remove any information that goes against the established rules from the official sites and pages on social networks. 6.5. To have more information about the privacy policy and terms of use of PR España sites and official social networking pages, please visit the legal notices that are published on each of the official sites and pages of the different social networks.

7. With whom does PR España share your Personal Data and for what purpose?

7.1. PR España will never share your Personal Data with a third party that intends to use it for direct marketing activities unless PR España has previously informed you and you have given your consent to do so. 7.2. PR España may communicate your Personal Data for the purposes mentioned in section 4 with any company in which the parent of the Pernod Ricard group, that is, the French company Pernod Ricard, S.A., with registered address at 12 Place des États-Unis , 5 783 Paris Cedex 16, France, has direct or indirect control (the "Pernod Ricard Group") and especially in the following circumstances: the information you provide under this Privacy Policy may be processed by the entity that collects it but also, subject to consent, by other entities of the Pernod Ricard group to which the former has communicated it, to provide you with news or promotional information about PR España products or services. 7.3. If you wish to revoke your consent to this communication and use of the information, please make your decision as provided in section 13, indicating your name and your decision to revoke the consent for the communication of information with respect to all or some of the entities of the Pernod Ricard Group (indicating the list of entities affected) and to receive commercial communications from the corresponding entities. 7.4. PR España may also communicate your Personal Data to third parties, but only in the following circumstances: - For support and assistance services: PR España may use service providers, agents or contractors for support tasks on PR España Websites and to assist it in the administration of said Websites or of some of the functions, programs or promotions available on them. These third parties will apply the same security levels for your Personal Data as those of PR España and, when necessary, will be subject to a contract to preserve your Personal Data and to process it only pursuant to the instructions that PR España provides; - For joint or co-sponsored programmes and promotional purposes: When PR España develops a joint or co-sponsored programme or promotion on PR España Websites with another entity; and, as part of the event, PR España collects and process Personal Data, PR España may communicate it to a PR España partner or sponsor, subject to your consent, when necessary. If your Personal Data is collected by (or communicated to) a third party as part of the promotion, PR España will inform you of this at the time of collection; - For reasons of security and against claims: PR España may also provide your Personal Data when required by law or when, pursuant to PR España criteria of good faith, PR España considers it necessary to comply with regulatory procedures, to respond to claims or to protect the security and rights of the Pernod Ricard Group, its customers and the public; - In the event of a merger or acquisition of all or part of the Pernod Ricard Group by a third party, or in the event of sale or disposal of all or part of its business or assets, the buyer may have access to information that could include Personal Data, subject to the applicable regulations. In the same way, Personal Data may be transferred within the framework of corporate reorganisation, insolvency proceedings or similar situations, subject to the applicable regulations.

8. Does PR España share Personal Data with third parties from other countries and under what circumstances?

PR España is part of a multinational group and your Personal Data may be transferred to other countries. More specifically, it may be transferred to countries that have a level of data protection different from the level corresponding to the country in which your Personal Data has been collected. Your Personal Data may also be transferred between different entities of the Pernod Ricard Group, which are located in different countries, all subject to applicable regulations. PR España takes the necessary measures to maintain the security of your Personal Data both during transit and at the place of destination, by implementing the contractual conditions established by the European Commission, pursuant to the applicable regulations. You can consult the list of countries where there is a Pernod Ricard Group entity that may be a recipient of your Personal Data through this link. The main providers of services related to the operation of PR España Websites are located in the United States. Personal Data is transferred to these providers pursuant to the applicable regulations and is based on the contractual conditions of the European Commission or the Privacy Shield. These providers are also subject to an agreement that guarantees a high level of privacy protection and that requires (among other things) that they only act pursuant to PR España instructions and that they implement all the necessary technical measures, and constantly do so, to keep Personal Data secure. You can learn more about the mechanisms applicable to transfer outside of the European Economic Area by consulting PR España through the channels indicated in section 16.

9. How long does PR España keep your Personal Data?

9.1. PR España will keep your Personal Data as long as your account is active, while a contract remains in force, or to the extent necessary to facilitate the requested services or to respond to queries or resolve problems and to provide new and improved services. It may also be necessary to keep your Personal Data beyond those times pursuant to PR España data preservation policies to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, resolve disputes, enforce PR España agreements and for similar record management purposes. 9.2. PR España may, therefore, keep your Personal Data once you have stopped using PR España services and for the legally established statutory limitation periods. 9.3. The conservation policies applicable to Cookies and other tracking technologies are detailed in the Cookie Policy.

10. Can you use another person's Personal Data?

10.1. You may never (i) act on behalf of third parties unless you have a power of attorney that meets all the requirements established in the applicable regulations; (ii) use another person's identity or impersonate them; or (iii) communicate or publish information from a third party if they do not have your authorisation. In addition, in the latter case, please inform that third party of the purpose of the communication of their data and the possibility of exercising their rights to access, modify, cancel and oppose processing, and portability, to the limitation to processing and any other right recognised within the applicable regulations. 10.2. All liability derived from the use of another person's Personal Data before PR España and before the third party in question is your responsibility. 10.3. You are also prohibited from using any Personal Data or information published on PR España Websites about identified and/or identifiable individuals beyond the use in order to participate in and enjoy PR España Websites pursuant to applicable policies and conditions, for private purposes and always pursuant to applicable regulations, without profit or commercial purposes, with any other uses than those indicated being expressly prohibited and where PR España is not responsible for the uses that you or other third parties make contrary to the provisions of this section.

11. How does PR España protect your Personal Data?

PR España adopts technical and organisational measures to protect the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data and information that is processed on PR España Websites as well as in the files and processing for which PR España is responsible in order to avoid alteration, loss and unauthorised processing or access, considering the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which it is exposed, whether from human action or from the physical or natural environment. PR España will only register Personal Data in files that meet the conditions determined under current regulations regarding its integrity and security.

12. How can you keep your Personal Data updated?

PR España asks you, in order to keep your Personal Data updated and accurate, to inform of any change to it through the channels that PR España makes available on the page https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com/rectificacion. In addition, you can always edit your information, change or modify it as many times as you wish by accessing the configuration of your profile or account on any PR España website or application when this option is available in them.

13. How can you exercise the rights that correspond to you in relation to your Personal Data?

You can exercise your rights by communicating to PR España under the terms indicated below and through the channels that PR España provides on the website https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com: - If your Personal Data is subject to processing based on your consent, you may revoke that consent at any time. - You may exercise your right to access your Personal Data. - You may exercise your right to modify your Personal Data if it is inaccurate or incomplete or outdated. - You may exercise your right to eliminate or delete your Personal Data (i) if your Personal Data is no longer necessary for the purposes of the processing; (ii) if you have revoked your consent to data processing based solely on your consent; (iii) if you have opposed the processing; (iv) the processing is illegal; (v) the Personal Data must be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation applicable to PR España. PR España will adopt reasonable measures to report the deletion to the other entities of the Pernod Ricard Group. - You may exercise your right to limit processing (i) if you challenge the accuracy of the Personal Data, during a period that enables PR España to verify its accuracy; (ii) when the processing is unlawful and you object to deletion of the Personal Data and request instead the limitation of its use; (iii) when PR España no longer needs the Personal Data for the purposes of processing, but does need it for formulating, exercising or defending claims; (iv) when you have opposed the processing, while verifying whether PR España's legitimate reasons prevail over yours. - You may exercise your right to the portability of the Personal Data that you provided to PR España in particular if the processing is based on your consent or in the execution of a contract or when the data is processed using automated methods. - You always have the option of not sharing your Personal Data with PR España. If you choose this option, the services and functionalities that PR España can offer you may be limited. - You have the right to oppose the processing of your Personal Data, including for marketing purposes based on profiling. If you do not wish to receive newsletters, news, or other communications and/or services through the Websites, please do not check the corresponding box during registration. If you have marked the box and later you wish to unsubscribe, please click the unsubscribe button that appears in the communications, or through the form available for this purpose at https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com/baja. Any communication that PR España sends to you by e-mail will offer you the possibility to stop receiving communications (i.e. unsubscribe). Simply follow the unsubscribe procedure or the indications that PR España provides in the email. You also have the right to provide generic or specific instructions about how to process the Personal Data provided under this Policy after your death. You may do so through the following link https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com. Also, if you have taken part in any activity that involves a third party and, as part of that activity, you accepted to receive communications directly from that third party, you must contact the third party in order to unsubscribe from the communications. When you exercise these rights, you will be required to present sufficient proof of your identity. PR España also informs you that you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency when you consider it necessary, for example, to file a claim. PR España will not process Personal Data that implies automated decision making unless (i) it is necessary to enter into or fulfil a contract (for example, to avoid a fraudulent payment); (ii) it is authorised by the applicable regulations that apply to the Data Controller and that also establishes adequate measures to safeguard the rights and liberties and the legitimate interests of the interested party; or (iii) subject to your explicit consent. Under the terms and cases required by the regulations, PR España will adopt the appropriate measures to safeguard your rights, liberties and legitimate interests, at least the right to obtain human intervention from PR España, to express your point of view and to challenge the decision through the channels provided in section 16. Please bear in mind that where applicable, you will be informed by means of notifications about the conditions of processing your Personal Data, the profile developed, how the profiles are used and the logic applied. You will be asked for explicit consent for such profiling work, when necessary. Also, keep in mind that the automated tools used are regularly checked to ensure that Personal Data is processed correctly. Specific measures such as data minimisation are used in profiling. PR España invites you to express your opinion to all this respect through the abovementioned right of access.

14. How can you make a complaint?

14.1. If you infringe any of the obligations established in the conditions of use, the Privacy Policy or any other rules applicable to your use of the Websites or if PR España has reasonable suspicion that you have done so or if a third party denounces such events, PR España may temporarily suspend your user account in order to investigate the facts, transfer to and advise the competent public authorities, suspend the service and, if necessary, cancel or suspend the user account. 14.2. If you consider that there is abuse or an incident, you can contact PR España through the channels made available on the website https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com/contacto 14.3. The data of the complainant and the defendant will be processed by PR España in order to investigate the report of abuse and determine whether it should be brought to the attention of the competent public authorities and, if so, the data will be transferred to the public administrative authorities and/or judicial and security forces and bodies.

15. In what other cases can the user account be suspended?

In addition to the case provided above, PR España may suspend/temporarily block or cancel your user account without prior notification and without your authorisation when PR España has reasonable suspicion that you are committing an act that is unlawful or contrary to law or is immoral or contrary to the policies established to regulate the use of the Websites or when any public institution, competent authority or public body formally requests information regarding the User of the Websites and/or the suspension or deactivation of the account.

16. How can you contact PR España and its Data Protection Administrator?

If you want to contact the PR España Data Protection Administrator for any reason or, in general, if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or wish to make any comments or queries, please do so through the channels PR España provides on the website https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com/contacto.


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Why does PR España use cookies?

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What cookies does PR España use?

1. Proprietary cookies from the "Google Analytics" tool. These cookies are managed by Google, Inc., a Delaware company (USA) whose head office is at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States ("Google"). Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that enables website owners to know the degree of user involvement with their website. Google Analytics captures the interactions of users on the website (time of the visit, whether they have been to the Website before, IP address, etc.). The information generated by the cookie about their use of the platform (including your IP address) is directly transmitted and archived by Google on servers in the United States. Google Analytics does not provide PR España with information about the user's real IP address; it only provides statistical information consisting of visits (unique visitors, number of page views, page/view, average duration of the visit, % bounce, % of new visits, new and recurring visitors, frequency and recent visits, interactions, pages visited), demographic data (language, country/territory, city), system (browser, operating system, internet access provider, device category), source/media. Thus, PR España, as a Google Analytics customer, can consult reports describing how users who visit PR España websites interact for the purpose of improving those websites. Google Analytics collects information anonymously; that is, it reports the Website's trends without identifying its users. You can find all the information about Google Analytics on the following link: https://policies.google.com/technologies/types?hl=es

2. ConsumerDNA proprietary cookies. 1. JSESSIONID: A cookie associated with J2EE web applications with servlets, (modules written in Java language that are used on a server, which may or may not be a web server, to extend its response capabilities to users). It is used to manage a client session in protocols like http that do not have a state, helping the server to associate different requests to the same client. Regarding its main purpose, it is a strictly necessary cookie; that is, it is required for the operation of the PR España website (for example, to allow you to register in secure areas of the Website). It is generated when entering any DRUID form or page and is maintained while the tab or browser window is open unless it is deleted. 2. JSF Flash Scope Session Cookie: A session cookie that saves notification messages when you have performed some action, to be able to show on a page accessed later on. The notification messages in the cookie are displayed once and discarded in the following http request. This Cookie is generated when an error occurs on ConsumerDNA, and it expires when the browser is closed.

3. Own cookies from DruID.

DruID is a digital identity manager that identifies each user in a simple and unanimous way, it gathers all the interactions that take place in any of the online communication channels on a single platform with the ultimate goal of getting to know users better and increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts). These cookies are managed, and the information obtained by them is processed by GENETSIS PARTNERS, S.L., a Spanish company with registered office in Alcobendas (Madrid), C/Francisca Delgado, number 11, with tax identification (CIF) no. B-80959976. 1. Datr: A cookie associated with the user session in DruID. Regarding its main purpose, it is a session cookie; that is, a cookie designed to maintain the user session between browser closures. It is generated in the user's login action and lasts 15 days unless it is deleted. 2. s: A cookie associated with the user session in DruID. Regarding its main purpose, it is a session cookie; that is, a cookie designed to complement the security of the user session and hinder fraudulent use of the user session in another browser and/or device. It is generated in the user's login action and has a duration of one hour unless it is deleted. 3. lyn: Cookie associated with the user's authorisation attempts in DruID. Regarding its main purpose, it is a technical and personalisation cookie; that is, a cookie designed to avoid automated attempts of user login. It is generated in the user's login action and has a duration of one hour unless it is deleted. 4. JSESIONID: A cookie associated with J2EE web applications with servlets, (modules written in Java language that are used on a server, which may or may not be a web server, to extend its response capabilities to users). It is used to manage a client session in protocols like http that do not have a state, helping the server to associate different requests to the same client. Regarding its main purpose, it is a strictly necessary cookie; that is, it is required for the operation of the PR España website (for example, so that you can register in secure areas of the Website). It is generated when entering any DRUID form or page and is maintained while the tab or browser window is open unless it is deleted. This Website may also use "tracking tags" on certain pages for measuring and optimising marketing results campaigns, in no case storing user's personal information.

How to disable or delete cookies?

In any case, if you wish to do so you can deactivate and/or delete these cookies: i. for "Google Analytics", the Google Analytics opt-out system is accessible at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=es; or ii. for "Google Analytics" and other cookies, the browser settings, for example: Chrome: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=95647, Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-es/windows7/how-to-manage-cookies-in-internet-explorer-9, Firefox: http://support.mozilla.org/es/kb/habilitar-y-deshabilitar-cookies-que-los-sitios-we, Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5042. Please note, however, that disabling cookies may mean that you cannot use the full functionality of this website. Please also bear in mind that if you use different devices to view and access the PR España Website (for example, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), you will need to configure each browser on each device to adapt it to your cookie preferences.

How to contact us?

If you want to ask us a question, make a comment or express any concern about PR España's use of cookies, please contact us through the link: https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com/contacto.


1. Purpose

Pernod Ricard España, S.A. (hereinafter, "PR España"), a Spanish company with tax identification (CIF) no. A-08252926 and registered offices at Calle Arequipa 1, 28043, Madrid, Spain, registered in the Register of Companies of Malaga in Volume 2091, Book 1004, page MA-31003, hereby informs users of this website (the "Users" and the "Website", respectively), which PR España owns, of the general conditions of access and use for said Website. Access and use of the Website are reserved for persons of legal age. In using this Website, the User fully accepts the general conditions in force at the time when the User accesses the Website. The User must be aware that the content and services made available by PR España to the User on the Website may also be regulated by specific conditions, which will prevail over the general conditions in case of conflict between the two. The User likewise accepts, whenever they use the relevant content or service, the applicable specific conditions that are in force at the time when the User accesses the content or service subject to said specific conditions. PR España reserves the right, without prior notice and at any time, to temporarily suspend access to the Website and to make any amendments it deems appropriate to the Website, the services, content or information included therein, the presentation or location, or the general and/or specific conditions. Consequently, the User is advised to check these general conditions, as well as any specific conditions that may apply, where relevant, whenever they use the Website, or content or services subject to specific conditions.

2. Intellectual and industrial property

2.1. Intellectual and industrial property on the Website and its content and services The Website and the content included on the Website are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights. These rights are held by PR España or by third parties, as the case may be. Any kind of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, publication and, in general, any other use, referring to both the Website as a whole and any of its information or content, is prohibited without the prior written consent of the holder of said rights.

2.2. Transfer of rights by Users The User transfers to PR España, which accepts, all intellectual property rights (that is, all rights recognised under intellectual property legislation, for any purpose and for any kind of use, including, but not limited to, all exploitation rights or other remuneration rights corresponding to copyrights, rights related or similar to copyrights, the sui generis right on databases), as well as all industrial property rights (such as patents, utility models, industrial and/or artistic designs and models, trademarks applied for, registered or in the process of being registered) on any material subject to said rights that the User sends or provides to PR España through the Website. The transfer in both cases includes the power to request the appropriate registrations in order to obtain or protect said rights. The transfer made is final, with no payment obligation by PR España, exclusive, with the power to transfer and license to third parties, for all forms of exploitation existing at the time of the submission or delivery, worldwide and for the entire term of the copyright, related right or sui generis right, or, as the case may be, the industrial property legislation, with the User stating that the material is original and owned by them, and that it is free of liens, encumbrances or third-party rights.

3. Users' responsibility for use and content

Access to the Website and the use of the information and content included on the Website is undertaken at the sole responsibility of the User. Under no circumstances may the User modify or delete identification data, where applicable, on the holders of intellectual or industrial property rights, whether PR España or third parties. The User may only access the content through the means or procedures that have been made available for this purpose on the Website, or that are commonly used on the Internet for such purpose, provided this does not breach intellectual or industrial property rights, or entail any kind of damage to the Website, the information and services offered, or PR España. The User undertakes to use the services and information on the Website in accordance with the Law, these general conditions, any specific conditions that may apply, public morals, decency and public order, and to use the services and content appropriately and lawfully. The foregoing includes, but is not limited to, the prohibition of the following activities: (i) disseminating content or advertising that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, that advocates terrorism or that violates human rights; (ii) performing actions that breach the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the legitimate holders; (iii) causing damage to the IT systems of PR España, its providers or third parties; (iv) introducing or disseminating computer viruses, harmful software or other kinds of systems that can cause damage to IT systems; and/or (v) transmitting advertising or sending unsolicited or unauthorised electronic messages. As a general rule, any kind of activity that is detrimental, or causes damage, to PR España or third parties is prohibited.

4. Hyperlinks

The User and, in general, any natural person or legal entity proposing to set up a hyperlink or technical linking device (for example, links or buttons) from their website to the Website (the "Hyperlink") must obtain prior written authorisation from PR España. Establishing a Hyperlink under no circumstances implies the existence of a relationship between PR España and the owner of the website on which the Hyperlink is set up, nor the acceptance or approval by PR España of its content or services. In any case, PR España reserves the right to prohibit or disable any Hyperlinks at any time, particularly in cases of illegal activity or content on the website on which the Hyperlink is included.

5. Waivers and limitations of liability

PR España is not responsible for the information, content, services and/or products offered and/or provided by third parties through the Website. PR España adopts reasonably appropriate security measures to detect the existence of viruses. However, the User must be aware that security measures for IT systems on the Internet are not 100% reliable and, therefore, PR España cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements that could cause alterations to the User's IT systems (software and hardware) or the electronic documents and files contained therein. To the fullest extent permitted under applicable legislation, PR España may not be held liable for any loss or damage to the User's software or hardware arising from accessing the Website or using the information and/or services included on the Website. PR España does not guarantee the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness or accuracy of the information or services included on the Website, and, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable legislation, accepts no liability for direct or indirect damages in connection with the use of the Website's content. PR España does not guarantee that the content and services on its Website are suitable or available outside of Spain. In the event that all or part of the Website's content is considered to be illegal in countries other than Spain, access to, and use of, the same by users in such countries is prohibited. In the event that such access occurs, it will be undertaken at the sole responsibility of the users, who are obliged to comply with applicable domestic legislation. Any use that may be made of the information or content provided on the Website and/or access to other third-party websites through links or connections available on the Website is always undertaken at the sole responsibility of the persons carrying out such activity; to the fullest extent permitted under applicable legislation, PR España may under no circumstances be held liable for damages that could arise from said use or activities. Users will indemnify and hold PR España harmless from any claims, lawsuits or similar brought by third parties based on their use or behaviour while browsing the Website.

6. Personal Data

No personal data identifying the User is automatically registered from simply visiting the Website. However, there is some non-personal information, which cannot be identified with a specific User, that is collected and recorded on PR España's Internet servers (for example, the User's Internet browser type, the User's operating system type, IP address from which the Website is accessed) with the aim of improving the User's browsing experience and the management of the Website. Nevertheless, PR España may require some personal data from the User for them to be able to use certain services or content. PR España will provide the User with the necessary information so that they can provide their consent in advance to allow PR España to process their personal data and include such data in the corresponding files. Please see our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy for further information about our data protection policy.

7. Contact information

If you have any questions about these general conditions or any feedback about the Website, please see https://gdpr.pernod-ricard-espana.com/contacto.

8. Applicable law

All matters relating to PERNOD RICARD ESPAÑA's website will be governed by Spanish law.

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